Episode 171: Think Pieces About Underpants: The 2017 Crises Awards

We are smack in the middle of awards season, when networks cynically fill their airtime with slapped-together ceremonies celebrating old crap you already know about, all in the hopes that someone will get drunk and start making a damn fool of themselves, all on a short budget.

Or, in other words: welcome to the 2017 Crises Awards!

Last year was one where there were some truly spectacular accomplishments in comics, genre television and movies. And there were also several comics crossover events! So, as we do every year, we carefully account for our favorite, and least favorite, genre material from the past year! And by “carefully account,” we mean “frantically re-read old show notes and dig through unsorted longboxes of comics to remember what the hell we actually read last year!”

We go into the categories of:

  • Best and Worst comic series or miniseries
  • Best and Worst single comic issues
  • Best and Worst comic crossover events
  • Best genre television
  • Best genre movie, and
  • Most and Least anticipated genre entertainments of 2018!

This show was recorded live to tape, with minimal editing. So if you’re looking for an awards show where the only “Lorde” is at the end of the phrase, “Drunk as a,” you’ve come to the right place!

Thank for listening, suckers!