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Crisis On Infinite Midlives is a Web site devoted to bringing you the finest comic book reviews, news, and general geek culture, as filtered through thirty-plus years of reading comics and a haze of whiskey. We review the latest books, pass on and (occasionally) interpret the latest news, and will maybe eventually interview someone from comics if we can ever convince them that we are journalists of a sort, and not just bothering them for the cost of a hot meal.


  • Rob has been reading comic books since he was four years old (Spidey Super Stories on The Electric Company was the first free taste. Here’s the first fix he paid for). He has been a stand-up comedian and a rock and roll radio disc jockey. Because of this background, unlike most comics bloggers / journalists you may have read, he harbors no ambitions to write comics, graphic novels, or anything longer than a dick joke.
  • Amanda remembers stories her dad told her about how her grandmother’s first act, the same week he moved out of the house after marrying her mother, was to sell all his comics and baseball cards at a VFW fundraiser for 10 cents a piece.  Even as a young girl, that struck her as very, very wrong.  She has been passionate about comics ever since.  She also sees this writing opportunity as a way to finally take advantage of her exceedingly overpriced English degree for the purposes of Good.


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