Due to an unexpected commitment, this week’s show is not quite ready. We’ll finish editing and will post it later today.

Sorry for the unexpected further delay.


Our show this week will be about Captain America: Civil War, with guests who, at this point, are regulars for our shows about the big comic book / superhero flicks: comedians Benari Poulten and Ross Garmil.

But here’s the thing: this is Mother’s Day. Which means that navigating the litany of commitments, not only to see the movie, but to convince our mothers that the eighteen years they spent on us were valued and that we should remain firmly in the will, was difficult at best.

We will be recording the show tonight, and it will be available, here and where finer podcasts are distributed, tomorrow night.

Sorry for the delay. And yes, despite ugly and slanderous rumors about being grown in a vat and raised by a pack of North American Trash Panda Raccoons, even I have a mother.


funspot_games_8Here’s an interesting fact: no matter how much you might have dreamed, at twelve years old in 1983, that you might someday reach the day when you could spend an entire weekend at the biggest video arcade in the world, with unlimited tokens with which to attack the Tron machine? That dream probably didn’t include being 44 years old and capable of being physically exhausted from playing that Tron machine… and yet no more capable of clearing the third level than you were in the days when Bruce Boxleitner was considered a viable theatrical box office draw.

My point is that we we spent the last weekend of our vacation at Funspot in New Hampshire playing classic 80s video games, and didn’t wind up getting home until much later than expected last night. As such, we didn’t have time to record a new show this weekend, and what with not only being back at our day jobs, but being back there with a week’s worth of work to catch up on, well, we need to punt on this week’s episode.

Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned for a new episode this weekend!


Look, I’m not gonna lie to you: we’re on vacation here at the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Home Office. Normally that wouldn’t preclude us from having a show up on time, but since Amanda is also feeling a little under the weather, well, we’re gonna need a little extra time.

But we’ll give you the same answer we give our bookie: we’ll have what we promised for you by tomorrow night at the latest, thanks for being so patient and understanding, PLEASE NOT OUR LEGS WE NEED OUR LEGS TO KICK ASS…

Ahem. The new episode will be up by tomorrow night, we swear.


Here’s the deal: we finished watching Daredevil season two on Sunday, and were planning on taping the show right afterwards… But I asked Amanda if we could hold off for an hour or so to let my stomach settle.

Cut to two hours later, and I’m drooling into the toilet, praying for the taste of lunch’s General Gao to go the hell away.

Long story short: I’ve had one HELL of a case of food poisoning, and am just beginning to feel comfortable being more than three steps away from a bathroom.

So here’s the plan: we will do our show about Daredevil season two next weekend. Which works out, because our guests for our Batman V Superman show, comedians Benari Poulten and Ross Garmil, can’t connect with us until the first weekend of April.

So sorry for the inconvenience this week, but if the creek don’t rise and the Imodium keeps working, we’ll be back next week!


Here’s a helpful hint from your old buddy Rob: if you are sick, and you are in a position to skip work to allow yourself to rest, recover, and most importantly, not infect your co-workers with your filthy, dripping scunge? Call in sick. Do you hear me, Andrew, you filthy, diseased animal? You’re a software guy, Andrew; you could’ve worked from home if you’re feeling so Goddamned dedicated to your craft. But no, instead you haul your fevered carcass into the office to sit right across from me, you sonofabitch. Your Trump-over only hides the front of your head, Andrew; I could see individual drops of virulent doom sweat sprouting from the crown of your head, as if you were some kind of pale, awkward Typhoid Mary in a Black Hat conference t-shirt, You suck, Andrew!

…but I digress.

My point is that Amanda and I have spent most of today sleeping off whatever horrors that have invaded our bodies. We sound like crap, and we’ve had no time or energy to properly prepare for this week’s episode. Further, since we have a series of commitments for the remainder of the week, we’re just going to, regrettably, call and audible and go dark for this week.

However! Stick with us, because we’ve got one hell of a March full of episodes in the pipeline for you. Next Sunday, we’ll be back with our recap of the X-FIles six-episode relaunch. On March 21st, we’ll be with you with the results of our binge of Netflix’s Daredevil season two. And on March 28th, we’ll be talking about Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, tentatively with a couple of guests who already feel pretty damn strongly about the movie.

So we apologize for this week, and we thank you for sticking with us. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sneeze on and furiously shank a homemade doll of a balding geek.

Oh yeah: go Mad Max; Fury Road!


Look, here’s the deal: it is just about the coldest day in recorded history here in Boston. This means a couple of things, the first being that there are a lot of miles between us and the closest theater playing Deadpool, and those are miles that would have to be covered in an uninsulated convertible that might, or might not, start on either leg of the trip. It also means that it is cold enough that, were we to deactivate the furnace in our recording studio to prevent a horrible and pervasive droning sound, the show would start okay, devolve into a shivering vibrato and end like The Shining, or perhaps Alive.

Furthermore, it is Valentine’s Day, and about the least romantic thing we can think of is arguing about whether Scott Snyder has too much pull at DC Comics if he can allow a new artist to take over on the penultimate chapter of the Superheavy arc and therefore screw up the visual flow for the trade paperback. Or at least it’s the least romantic thing we can think of when it would followed by our inevitable deaths by hypothermia, or auto-cannibalism.

But fear not! The arctic snap will break tomorrow, so we will have our 103rd episode online tomorrow, with talk about Deadpool, the final Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer, Batman #49, and at least one or two other comics!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to set fire to Amanda’s Essential Dazzler books to stave off death. And because disco sucks. It really, really sucks.

Talk to y’all tomorrow!


Here’s the deal: we were supposed to have Internet access here in the new Home Office yesterday. However, a short-sighted, irritating little company that we’ll call Comcast (because that’s it’s name) said they wouldn’t hook up Internet unless they could confirm that the TV also worked… And considering every TV in this house needs to be wall-mounted, that was a tricky order.

So we will be exposed to the joys of FiOS on Thursday. This means yes, no new show this week, and for that, we apologize.

But rest assured: we have it on good authority that all required equipment will be in place for Thursday, when a nice man with 100 megabit internet will arrive at our door.

There should be a new show next Sunday. Thanks for hanging with us.



If you’ve been listening to the show for any length of time, you know that we’ve been preparing to move to a new Home Office for a while now.

We prepared for the move by watching a bunch of HGTV, which has a variety of programming showing people picking out a house, sending in handsome contractors who never seem to sweat through their $200 work shirts, and have the homeowners in the new place within 22 minutes.

Those shows are bullshit.

See that picture at the top of the page? That’s three days of unpacking. And we’re not even close to done.

We not only have no Internet access yet, but we can’t get an electrician out to wire our recording studio for Internet, let alone the actual Internet people, until the end of this week. Jesus, we don’t even have cable, which means instead of watching the new Walking Dead or Ash Vs The Evil Dead, we’re watching old X-Files DVDs and pretending it’s research for the upcoming miniseries.

We currently plan to have a new episode next Sunday… But it depends on a lot of electrical things happening between now and then. To be honest, it might be two weeks until we have a new episode.

Thanks for your patience. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as possible.


Due to move preparation, we can’t do the show tonight. We should have one up tomorrow… and if you’ve seen tonight’s The Walking Dead, I think you’ll know part of what we’re going to be talking about. Jeezus…