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 CrisisOnInfiniteMidlivesPodcastLogoQ: Hey, I haven’t been by the site for a while. I come back, and… what the fuck is this? What the hell happened? Did you quit?

A: Hell, no! We’ve just changed our focus to our weekly podcast, The Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show. Every Sunday, Amanda and I (and the occasional guests) talk about a couple of recent comic / genre / geek related topics, and review a few of the week’s comic books we really liked (or desperately hated)! Plus, we tell as many filthy jokes along the way as the law will allow!

Q: That sounds pertinent to my interests, as I have a long commute / strenuous workout / extended stretch in solitary confinement I need to kill! How can I obtain this show?

A: How can’t you get it? Let’s count the ways! You can:

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CPN_logo_balloon_sigWe are also proud members of the Comics Podcast Network. It’s a Web site that aggregates nothing but podcasts about comics and comic-related topics. I’ve spent a bunch of time there, and have found a ton of interesting, entertaining, and well-produced shows about comics that I like listening to. And while their inclusion of our show is a sign that their standards must be slipping, it’s still the best resource we’ve found for shows about our favorite hobby. Seriously: you can spend hours browsing through great shows there. Go check it out.

As we add ways to find the show, we’ll put them up here. If you’ve got a favorite way to get your podcasts, let us know in the comments and we’ll look into getting us into that avenue.

So thanks for checking out our show, and please feel free to leave comments here, or to leave reviews and rating on whatever third-party service you choose to get your hands on the show.