Episode 26: Pool Floaties

sdcc_logoWe are still in the thick of SDCC 2014, somehow alive after two full days. And today, we are joined by Los Angeles comedian Gariana Abeyta, who is not only a longtime friend of Amanda’s and mine from stand-up comedy, but who is active in L. A.’s film community, and one of the subjects of Out of Print, the upcoming Julia Marchese documentary about L. A.’s New Beverly cinema – a movie theater that runs film instead of digital projection and is therefore facing obsolescence. Yup, we know someone who’s in an honest-to-God movie!

Because of this, Gariana spent a small chunk of the day in Hall H, Comic-Con’s big room for big movie and TV panels. So we talk a little bit about that, a little bit more about the pure, unadulterated hell of just getting into Hall H, how the convention destroys you physically and emotionally, and the general confusion, frustrations, and compromises that come with attending the best comic book convention in the world. And since we’ve known each other for a while, there are plenty of drinking war stories to go around.

And the usual disclaimers:

  • We record this show live to tape. That means that you might hear the odd pregnant pause or, “um,” but it also means that anything can happen… and in this show, it truly did. Seriously, this one’s a little discombobulated, but it’s a blast.
  • We use adult, vulgar language, and therefore this show is not safe for work. Gariana was able to borrow some earbuds to tape the show, you can damn sure do the same to listen to it.

And a few notes to clarify some of what we’re discussing here:

  • The Thursday Night Fights and The Grand High Council of All Things True (aka the Geek Council) were comedy shows produced by Boston comic Tim McInitre at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA back at the turn of the century. We are old now.
  • If you want to hear more of Gariana (and see some quality early-80s soft core boobs!), you can get the DVD of Private Lessons where she contributes to a commentary track!
  • The Blind Burro is a great place to have lunch in San Diego… even if their burger with a pile of sausage on the top might be a little much.

Enjoy the show, suckers!