Here’s the deal: we were supposed to have Internet access here in the new Home Office yesterday. However, a short-sighted, irritating little company that we’ll call Comcast (because that’s it’s name) said they wouldn’t hook up Internet unless they could confirm that the TV also worked… And considering every TV in this house needs to be wall-mounted, that was a tricky order.

So we will be exposed to the joys of FiOS on Thursday. This means yes, no new show this week, and for that, we apologize.

But rest assured: we have it on good authority that all required equipment will be in place for Thursday, when a nice man with 100 megabit internet will arrive at our door.

There should be a new show next Sunday. Thanks for hanging with us.


If you’ve been listening to the show for any length of time, you know that we’ve been preparing to move to a new Home Office for a while now.

We prepared for the move by watching a bunch of HGTV, which has a variety of programming showing people picking out a house, sending in handsome contractors who never seem to sweat through their $200 work shirts, and have the homeowners in the new place within 22 minutes.

Those shows are bullshit.

See that picture at the top of the page? That’s three days of unpacking. And we’re not even close to done.

We not only have no Internet access yet, but we can’t get an electrician out to wire our recording studio for Internet, let alone the actual Internet people, until the end of this week. Jesus, we don’t even have cable, which means instead of watching the new Walking Dead or Ash Vs The Evil Dead, we’re watching old X-Files DVDs and pretending it’s research for the upcoming miniseries.

We currently plan to have a new episode next Sunday… But it depends on a lot of electrical things happening between now and then. To be honest, it might be two weeks until we have a new episode.

Thanks for your patience. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as possible.

Due to move preparation, we can’t do the show tonight. We should have one up tomorrow… and if you’ve seen tonight’s The Walking Dead, I think you’ll know part of what we’re going to be talking about. Jeezus…

Okay, so remember how we said on Sunday that we had finished negotiating for the new Home Office? Yeah, turns out you are never done negotiating until everyone’s signature is on the contract. Real estate is a dirty, dirty business. Probably why it attracts supervillains. Anyway.

We have been flat-out all week, and at this point, we have to beg off a new episode until this weekend. We sincerely apologize, and swear that we will try to do better as this process winds itself out.

We will return to our regularly-scheduled programming Sunday night.

So during last week’s show, we announced that we had secured a deal for a new Home Office. However, during this week, the sellers of that location seemed to have a different idea. An idea that required us to spend today frantically running around looking for an alternate Home Office location… before they changed their minds and told us that they were, once again, willing to possibly accept our ridiculous amount of money in exchange for their abandoned home.

The bottom line is: we’ve spent today in intense negotiations, which have made recording a new show all but impossible.

But fear not: all deals appear to be done, and our new episode about the first two episodes of Heroes Reborn will be recorded and released by tomorrow night.

Thank you for your patience, and we will (once again) be back to our regularly scheduled programming by tomorrow,

It has all. Gone. Wrong.

First of all, we originally intended to have this week’s episode be a recap of Mr. Robot with friends of the show Benari Poulten and Ross Garmil. The problem with that plan was, we tape on Sunday, Rosh Hashanah starts on Sunday, and Ross and Benari are friends of someone much more powerful and we are. Like, biblically powerful. So this week’s original show plan went out the window.

Secondly, we received notice from our Web hosting company that they thought that Crisis On Infinite Midlives was infected by malware. This is a statement that is probably not true; several third party scanners certified the Web site as clean, and most of the “infected” files our Web host was scared of were parts of old Web site themes that we left on the server for testing purposes. But the reality is that, when the landlord says you need to clean and change the locks, you need to clean and change the locks. So that took a morning that we didn’t have.

Finally, we are in the throes of trying to secure a new Home Office. This meant that we spent our entire weekend cleaning up our current Home Office in the service of trying to find some dupe to buy it from us. This takes more time than you would really think, particularly when six of our weekend hours were filled by open houses, meaning that we couldn’t be in our own home.

All of which is a long way to go to say that there will be no new episode tonight. However: there will be a new episode up before 10:30 p.m. tomorrow night. It will not be our Mr. Robot recap, but instead a simple comic book-based episode (we’re hoping to have a Mr. Robot episode put together next weekend).

We apologize for the confusion and the delay in a new episode, and we hope you’ll tune in tomorrow night. We should be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon… provided we can convince some dope to buy the Home Office out from under us.

Hey rube! Wanna buy a podcast studio with an attached beer fridge and bedroom? Don’t walk away from me, you son of a…

This is the long Labor Day weekend here in the United States. In general, this means that we celebrate the work of the Labor Movement in securing regular work hours and workplace safety by forcing the local police (who are probably among the last workers protected by labor unions) to work long hours risking their lives trying to round up the rest of us, who are on three-day benders and seriously endangering ourselves and others.

Normally we would be among the revelers. We, however, are busily working in pursuit of securing a new Home Office location, and are up to our elbows in cardboard boxes and paint.

Therefore, as we announced at the start of last week’s show, there will be no new podcast episode this week. However, be sure to come back next week, when friends of the show, comedians Benari Poulten and Ross Garmil, join us to tear up the first season of Mr. Robot!

boston_comic_con_2013_tim_sale-2019551443We originally intended to have our final Boston Comic Con roundup episode, including audio from the Spider-Verse, Marvel Universe, IDW Comics and DC Comics panels, produced and online by today. It was an ambitious goal, except for the fact that it required us to edit four hours of audio in, after sleep, day jobs and bathroom time required to prevent slow death by blood poisoning, about the six remaining hours.

Bottom line is that we are sill busily cutting cool panel clips from the convention, and therefore are not ready to put up a new show tonight, So our regular Sunday night show will be our big Boston Comic Con roundup, including panel audio from Southern Bastards and Spider-Gwen‘s Jason Latour, Batman‘s Scott Snyder, Dark Knight 3‘s Brian Azzarello, Locke And Key‘s Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, the upcoming Black Knight‘s Frank Tieri, and a bunch of other awesome creators!

So thanks for your patience, and tune in Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. EST for our big Boston Comic Con show! And while we’re sorry we’re late, look at it this way: it means we can’t do a show about the new (awful) Fantastic Four movie!

As we announced on the show for the last couple of weeks, there won’t be a new podcast today. We’ve spent almost the entire weekend upgrading not only the engine that drives our Web site, but that handles creating the feeds for the podcast itself. Should this task have taken nearly 48 hours? Probably not. But the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Director of Information Technology is a known drunkard who spends most of his (increasingly rare) sober time reading comic books.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming next Sunday at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time, but there are one or two technical changes here I wanted to let you know about.

The biggest change is that of our podcast feed. In short, it has moved. We have taken as much care as possible to make and test the necessary modifications and redirections under the hood to prevent this change from affecting anyone, but if you have an issue finding new shows, you can subscribe directly to our new feed here. If you do run into trouble, please use our contact form to let us know and we’ll try to figure it out.

Second, we’ve added one or two new ways to subscribe to the show. You might notice a new More Subscribe Options link under the audio player for each show. You can use that to find the latest and greatest ways to make sure you get the show as quickly and reliably as humanly possible.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to close the damn HTTP editor, open ten beers, and see if Secret Wars #3 is just as much of a bummer as the first two.

c2e2_logoWell, we had good intentions.

Yesterday, I was able to pull good audio clips from two of the three panels we taped at C2E2, with the plan being that I would get up bright and early today to edit down audio from the Batman panel so Amanda and I could get home from our day jobs at a reasonable time and tape our final recap episode about the convention.

And I did get up bright and early. Only to notice that, thanks to contractors ripping out drywall in our garage to begin repairing the damage from the Hoth-ish winter here in Boston, our garage door opener was hanging perilously from tiny framing screws completely unfit for mounting a garage door opener. You know, hanging over my convertible. Which I was suddenly afraid to remove from the garage. Since that would require using the garage door opener. Hey, previous owners of the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Home Office: if you are mounting a heavy piece of equipment to a ceiling, and find that you don’t have the right screws? Go out and buy some fucking screws. And what kind of an asshole puts most of the load-bearing responsibility for a 40-pound motor on drywall? Someone who never went to college, that’s who. Otherwise, they’d know that drywall disintegrates when gently butted by a ten-pound drunken head.

But I digress.

The point is that events have conspired to make it impossible to tape our recap show tonight. But fear not: Out current plan is to release two recap shows:

  • A show running down the New DC Universe and Secret Wars: Last Days panels will be available tomorrow night, and
  • A recap of the Caped Crusaders, Dynamic Duos and Darkest Knights panel (otherwise known at the Batman panel) should be available Thursday.

Thanks for your patience, and sorry for the delay. Now: anyone know how much Elmer’s Glue it takes to remount a garage door opener?