CrisisOnInfiniteMidlivesPodcastLogoQ: Hey, I haven’t been by the site for a while. I come back, and… what the fuck is this? What the hell happened? Did you quit?

A: Hell, no! We’ve just switched away from posting written content every day. Have you ever tried to write every damn day? It’s hard! It leads to questionable judgment! What do you think happened to Chuck Austen?

Q: So what, in fact, are you doing?

A: We’ve changed our focus to our weekly podcast, The Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show. Every Sunday, Amanda and I (and the occasional guests) talk about a couple of recent comic / genre / geek related topics, and review a few of the week’s comic books we really liked (or desperately hated)! Plus, we tell as many filthy jokes along the way as the law will allow!

Q: That sounds pertinent to my interests, as I have a long commute / strenuous workout / extended stretch in solitary confinement I need to kill! How can I obtain this show?

A: How can’t you get it? Let’s count the ways! You can:


When Amanda and I got back from San Diego Comic-Con in July, 2011, we were both kinda at loose ends. Amanda had just been turned down for a promotion for the second time, and I was in a new day job that I hated so much that, when a minor earthquake hit Boston just a month later, I fled the building as soon as I felt the floor shake without telling anyone, secretly hoping that an aftershock would knock the building to the ground, killing all my co-workers and forcing me to find some, any, better gig.

It was in the days after we got home from SDCC that Amanda suggested that maybe we could start a comics podcast, leveraging our knowledge in our favorite hobby, so at least we felt we were doing something that wasn’t a terrible day job. The idea was awesome at its face – I had worked in radio in the past, and Amanda and I had both worked as stand-up comedians, so talking into a mike to entertain strangers wasn’t a foreign or scary idea – but we had no equipment to record a podcast, nor a place on the Internet to host one.

After about a month and a half, Amanda convinced me to stake out some Internet real estate to host the show, and Crisis On Infinite Midlives was born. When we launched, we still didn’t have podcasting equipment, so we decided to start out as a regular comics Web site.

And at the start, it was awesome. We both had the benefit of working jobs we didn’t care about, so we could write two or three articles a day. And while eventually we did get some gear to record podcasts, it turned out that the process we’d chosen to be more than onerous: we’d record the thing while half-drunk, then immediately listen to it while totally drunk to see if it was any good, and then anally edit out every pause and cough before releasing it. It meant that every one hour show required me to listen to the horrifying sound of my own voice for another three or four hours, which, if you’ve never tried it, is simply awful. It was nothing like radio, when I’d crack the mike, open my mouth, and then close the mike with a shrug and a, “Well, that happened. What’s next?”

So we kinda let the podcast fade, but Amanda and I made the commitment to post at least one thing to the site every day. But here’s the problem with that kind of commitment: when you eventually get a new and better job, and your partner finally gets that promotion, and eventually a little kitten requiring care and play moves into your house, well, that once-a-day commitment becomes damn hard.

And if you are one of the few readers who has become a regular, you’ve see how that extra difficulty has affected the site. It’s been quite a while since we posted more than one article in a day, and it’s been damn near two months since we’ve posted a comic book review. And that’s because there’s just no time anymore; Amanda works late more often that not, and I have to take care of our mascot Parker The Kitten, and when it’s all said and done well… let’s just say that comic book reviews generally take me two to three hours to write. And those are hours I just don’t have anymore.

But in the meantime, what we have learned is that we don’t need to record podcasts the way we did at the start. Not only could we record them live to tape (the way we have since we reintroduced the podcast a couple of months ago), thus simulating live radio and comedy and eliminating the wretched need to keep listening to the show until we’re convinced it sucks, but we learned that we can do other nifty stuff that we’ll be setting up and unveiling in the coming months.

And more importantly: we now have a lot of fun doing the podcast, whereas we currently need to struggle for one of us to free up an hour here or an hour there to try and write something every day. Which has led is to a decision…

…Crisis On Infinite Midlives can no longer guarantee to post written content every day. We will be, effective immediately, focusing on producing and improving our podcast.

We are not giving up on written content; after all, SDCC 2014 is coming, and we will likely post some write-ups and post some photos… but we will also be producing and posting short podcasts from the field, hopefully with some cool audio and special guests to make listening worth your while.

To those readers who’ve been with us for the past few years: thank you. And we hope you’ll check in now and again to see new written content, while still giving our podcast a chance.

You can directly subscribe to our show here, or subscribe to it via iTunes here. As we set up other ways to find the show, we’ll let you know here.

Thanks again for sticking with us for the past few years, and we hope you’ll give our Internet radio show a chance; we post a new episode every Sunday.

And now, for tradition’s sake (and not for the last time…)

…see you later, suckers!


We are traveling today for the purposes of recording a new episode of the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Podcast, so we will be dark most of the day.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


Hi folks,

So, funny story, we went to our local comic book store, as we do every Wednesday. The extremely helpful staff, who know us by name and ask us not to frighten the “norms” that have popped in with increased regularity since Winter Soldier became more than a euphemism for a frigid play date, gave us our books and sent us on our merry way. We stopped into the bar…and that’s where I consumed a bottle of something red and, upon emerging into Twilight (the transitive daylight state, not the shitty movie), forgot half our take on a hanger under said bar. My take involved something involving Batgirl 30 and Superman/Wonder Woman…some number. They both have the cool retro covers that DC wants to make a thing for publicity. I also got the new issue of Deadpool, which involves the “Original Sin” storyline and has Dazzler on the cover. I have no idea what its about but, 8 out of 10 – cover has Dazzler, will reach for again Marvel.

Rob has been dispatched to the bar to rectify my inebriated wrongs.

However, Rob, being more accustomed to remembering what to keep track of in the bar – seriously, I usually just look out for me and roofies – brought his stash safely home. So, even if he is not successful on my behalf, that means that we have things to read this week. Behold:


Like tears…in…rain…

Campers, you know this means the end of of our broadcast day.

And, what made it home? Kieron Gillen’s Uber #14. The Amazing Spider-Man “Learning To Crawl” #1.2 by Dan Slott. Dead Letters by Christopher Sebela. Are you reading Dead Letters? You should totally be reading Dead Letters. Anyway, those books and more as you can see from my blurry cell phone photo, which totally had nothing to do with my hands shaking or anything.

You all know the drill: before we can talk about them, we have to read them. Which means that this is the end of our broadcast day.

Tune in later this week for our thoughts.

They may even be coherent.


I’m gonna keep this short, because it has been one of those weeks. You know the kind of week I’m talking about: the kind that starts with little sleep and not enough help where and when you need it, slides happily into unexpected time sinks that force all your personal schedules into disarray, and moves seamlessly into professional disappointment and disillusionment, leading only to the urge to kill it with fire, or at least fireball shots.

But here’s the thing about even the busiest, most infuriating and disappointing weeks: they have a Wednesday. And Wednesday means new comics. Which means that this…


…means the end of our broadcast day.

But there are some cool comics there that should distract us from the irritations of our day-to-day lives. The one we’re most excited about is Big Trouble In Little China, written by the movie’s director John Carpenter and The Goon‘s Eric Powell,since Amanda and I are big fans of the movie (I am the only person I know who saw it in the theater), and seeing a continuation through Powell’s eyes? Yeah – we’re in.

But there is also the third issue of Jason Aaron’s Original Sin crossover, a new issue of Warren Ellis’s and Declan Shavey’s Moon Knight, the first issue of Kevin Smith’s Batman ’66 Meet’s The Green Hornet (and, if history is any guide, the next issue will appear in July. July, 2016), and a bunch of other cool stuff!

But you know how it is: before we can talk about any of them (and at this point, yes, that talking will likely be literal, in our podcast), we need time to read them. So until then…

…see you tomorrow, suckers!



It is one of those days, those days that seem to happen more and more often recently, where life has gotten in the way and we don’t have a lot of time to write about damn near anything today.

So we are going to take the last hour or so of the day to finish messing with the ID3 tags on our existing podcasts to make them ready for listing in iTunes. Yes, I know that we said we would be ready for Prime Time last week, but we are drinkers. We should not be trusted.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming shortly.


We are having network and Internet issues tonight, and are thus posting this via a very limited mobile device.

The issue has been reported to our Internet service provider, and we should return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.


Did you ever have one of those days? I was awakened at 5 a.m. by a kitten who has discovered the joys of a freeze-dried raw meat diet (and its ensuing energy burst) snuffling at my face to see if it contained any of the previously-mentioned freeze-dried raw meat. I then spent an hour playing with the cat to dissipate enough of his energy to prevent him from destroying everything I love. After that, I spent a while tweaking old podcast files to include the metadata that iTunes needs to be useful… while the cat burst around the room knocking comic books to the floor. I then went to the day job, stopped at the comic store, and then have been messing around to add new monitors to the podcast studio… while the cat chirped at me and ate the monitors’ shipping box, guaranteeing that I would work harder to get them to work, since I couldn’t send them back now.

As we speak, I am staring at this mostly empty page, trying to figure out what to write, while a two-week old episode of The Daily Show plays on the big screen, showing me a late middle aged Debbie Harry warbling One Way Or Another. Seeing this vision after working on a niche broadcasting studio while an animal hisses at me make me feel like I fell into Videodrome sometime in 1984 and just awoke to be accosted by a wild beast with a newly-discovered taste for raw flesh.

So it has been a weird one, but if you noticed, there was a visit to the new comic store in there, which means that this…


…means the end of our broadcast day.

But there are some good books in this week’s take. There are a couple of new ancillary chapters of Original Sin, a new episode of Batman: Zero Year, one of the last few issues of All-Star Western, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

But you know how things are: before we can even think about talking about any of them, we need time to read them, and to ascend to the next level and leave the old flesh. So until that time…

…I’ll be the video word made flesh with you tomorrow, suckers!


CrisisOnInfiniteMidlivesPodcastLogoIt is Monday of the long American Memorial Day holiday, which means two things:

  1. We are hung over, and:
  2. There is fuck-all going on in the world of comics news.

Sure, there’s the report that Edgar Wright Tweeted and then deleted a picture of Buster Keaton with a Cornetto ice cream cone, with the implication being that Wright sees himself as a version of Keaton, who supposedly always regretted aligning himself with a major studio… but that’s an interpretation and besides, I didn’t see the original Tweet, so what the hell do I know?

And sure, we could report on X-Men: Days of Future Past making something like a third of a billion dollars in worldwide box office this weekend, pretty much guaranteeing that director Bryan Singer will probably be okayed to direct the already greenlit X-Men: Apocalypse sequel if he wants to (and he’s not in jail for some reason, but there’s not a lot of detail beyond that to talk about unless we want to do a bunch of math with the returns from the other X-Men movies, and did we mention that we were hung over?

So instead, we spent the day doing a bunch of research and scut work under the hood in a effort to get our little podcast ready for a bigger audience (if we can trick one into listening, that is). We’ve been doing incremental upgrades of our recording studio equipment over the past couple of months – upgrades that are still ongoing – but we figured we’re in enough of a groove to start exposing to the show to a wider audience.

To start with, that means iTunes, where we will hopefully be available for subscription later on this week. Once we have the details on how to subscribe through that service, we’ll let you know. But in the meantime, you can subscribe to the show directly via our new podcast dedicated RSS feed.

If there’s another service with which you subscribe to podcasts, let us know and we’ll look into it. In the meantime, keep an eye on iTunes for the logo at the top right. *

* Of course, if someone with a graphics design background more extensive than my personal, “I don’t crash Photoshop every time I open it” experience wanted to throw us a freebie logo, I wouldn’t turn it down…


Right after we finished last week’s podcast about the new Godzilla movie (and had about seven drinks), I told Amanda, “You know, back in the late 70s, Marvel had a Godzilla comic where Godzilla teamed up with S.H.I.E.L.D. He might even have fought Doctor Doom.” Amanda responded to this news by putting on her sunglasses, leaning into me like Morpheus hearing about kung-fu lessons, and saying, “Show me.”

So when I went to my local comic store, where they know me by name and remind me that the real Godzilla is larger than I’m implying and that the “nuclear fire” he spits is normally less sticky, I showed her.


But the important part of that sentence is that we were at the local comic store, which means that this…


…means the end of our broadcast day.

And there were a lot of good books this week, like a new Hellboy in Hell, a new Saga, and a new Daredevil… but lets face it: the money shots this week are gonna be the (long-delayed) Forever Evil #7 by Geoff Johns and David Finch, the latest Original Sin by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato, and MPH by Mark Millar (which I already know will piss me off and force me to say the phrase, “Back in Mike Baron’s run on The Flash, he introduced a drug called Velocity 9 that caused the user to run at super speed…”). But there is, in fact, a bunch of other cool stuff!

But before we can talk about any of them, we need time to read them. So until that happens…

…see you tomorrow, suckers!