What To Get The Girl Who Has Wants Everything (Undead)

Vampires and minions and shootists, oh my!

Both Newsarama and Ape Entertainment have a preview up for a new book called Helldorado: East Eats Westwhich is thusly described:

Gunfights! Kung fu! Monsters! If Hammer Films had hired a band of Hong Kong filmmakers to create a Spaghetti Western, they’d have created HELLDORADO! An unspeakable act of violence has altered reality itself, and a supernatural evil looms over the town of El Dorado. The most horrific myths of the Far East threaten to engulf the American West in darkness, and the only thing standing between a vengeful Chinese vampire, its army of undead minions, and the end of humankind is an unlikely band of erstwhile heroes: an heiress, a gambler, an aging sheriff, his deputy, and a warrior priest. Horror, fantasy, kung fu, and Western action combine in this bizarre genre mash-up.

It will be written by C. Michael Hall (The Adventures of Dr. Mystery, Man of Action) with art by Martin Coccolo (Magic: The Gathering). I’m in for pretty much anything that involves Westerns, kung-fu and the undead, so I’m going to be asking my local comic book store owner (who knows both me and Rob by name and only occasionally has to ask Rob to use his “inside voice” when we visit the store) to grab this for my pulls.

Coccolo, who has also worked as a colorist on Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs. Zombies(which may be the best book I’ve never read), seems to have a real eye for placing the gore succinctly within a picturesque Western landscape:

Ain't that the truth.

Now, if C. Michael Hall can just figure out some way to shoehorn C’thulu into this book, all my many and varied horror, action and weird cultural fetish needs will be complete.