Something Here Is Made Of Steel

It's probably not her telepathy that's turned you into a drooling vegetable.

Who knew that Emma Frost was actually being fashion forward and not a ginormous slut in her everyday battle wear of corsets and hooker boots? While plenty of super heroines have been outfitted, charitably, in questionable attire, outside of your typical convention cosplay and Halloween we don’t generally find super hero couture to be at the forefront of cutting edge fashion.

Until now.

Superhero couture will come to television on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 at 10pm (Eastern) on CBS.

Oooo, exciting!

Aren’t you excited?

You’re not excited.

Why aren’t you excited?

I can keep doing this, you know.

Real, live semi naked ladies with spandex and wings after the jump!

According to Comics Alliance, Victoria’s Secret will be designing their next batch of Angels for the 2011 Fashion Show along superheroic lines:

Gentlemen: Behold, no feet! I think Liefeld drew this one.

At least one of the designs seems to nod very strongly toward Amanda Conner’s Power Girl…if she crossed universes from DC into the Marvel 616 and had an even more mutant love child with Archangel:

Kryptonite for the girl on the right is puppies. There, I said it.

But, is this fashion only going to work with models on the runway? Or is this going to make the jump to “ready to wear”?

Ah, cheeseburger! Thwpt!

Probably not.