Life Moves Pretty Fast

Remember when we were kids in the 80s and we saw all the big media news reports about the anniversary of the Summer of Love, and the Rolling Stones and The Who did beer company supported reunion tours, and DC Comics was releasing comics of The Prisoner and the British version of The Avengers? And we kicked the dust with our untied hightops, pulled a Marlboro out of out $1.50 packs and lit it indoors, smoothed out our Steve Dallas t-shirts and cursed the Goddamned Baby Boomers for hijacking our popular culture with their filthy, stinking, corporately-sponsored nostalgia?

That was the 80s. It is now 2012. And we of Generation X have finally met the enemy. And it is us. The video after the jump indisputably proves it.

This is from some commercial that reportedly will air during the Super Bowl this year. Rumor has it that it will be an ad for Honda – that rumor coming from a coworker my age to whom I showed this video on my cell phone who promptly lost his shit and spent hours on the Internet hunting for clues.

And the sad thing is, I showed it to that coworker because when I first saw this video this afternoon, I lost my shit. For a moment. Before wishing, fervently and viscerally, that Matthew Broderick was instead doing a commercial as David Lightman from WarGames.

It is official: I am old now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get drunk, read Ready Player One and maybe follow it with my Last Starfighter Blu-Ray. And as always: my lawn. Get the fuck off of it.

(via The Mary Sue)