Back To The Future

You know what? I want to see more prequels of classic comics. We can get J. Michael Straczynski writing a ten issue miniseries of Matt Murdock studying for the SATs – First issue in June, tenth issue, with plot by JMS and finished script by Howard Mackie sometime in 2019! We can get Matt Wagner doing Mage: The Hero Degraded, about Kevin Matchstick: preteen pantspisser! Frank Miller can do The Dark Knight Remedial, about a young Bruce Wayne groinkicking hippies!

Okay, clearly I’ve been drinking. And while Amanda was Johnny-On-the-Spot with a zero-day review of this week’s Punisher, the booze and this stack of books…

…means that this is the end of our broadcast day.

That said, it’s looking like a pretty damn good week. Here at the Crisis on Infinite Midlives: Brubaker’s and Phillips’s Fatale, Luther Strode, O.M.A.C., The Boys and Defenders are personal favorites. Plus we’ve got new Animal Man and Swamp Thing, Brubaker’s new Winter Soldier #1, Invincible and Detective Comics!

It’s a good take, but sadly: not a prequel in the bunch. Oh well, we’ll soldier through and do some reviews anyway… but first, we gotta read them. So until tomorrow: hurm.

I mean: so long, suckers!