No (Recognizable (or Good)) Logo

Apologies for today’s radio silence; things were simply too busy here at the Home Office to post a final pre-comic store opening review this morning, and the news about the upcoming redesigned Earth 2 Jay Garrick Flash didn’t seem to warrant more than a link and a quiet, “Oh, fuck me.”

But today’s obligations have been obligated, and our prerequisites have been prerequisited, and depite it all we made it to our local comic store – where they know me by name and ask me to start conjugating verbs like a real boy – and our local bar, which means that radio silence or no, this:

…means the end of our broadcast day.

But what a take it is! DC Comics is back on regular schedule, with their new logo giving me fond memories of the last beloved new logo that I hated, delivering new issues of Animal Man, Detective Comics, Swamp Thing and Huntress (Also of Earth 2! Where Elseworlds are King, and Costumes are Ill-Advised!). There’s also a new Matt Fraction Defenders, the follow-up to last week’s highly-recommended Amazing Spider-Man, and even a Vampirella Vs. Dracula in case all the porno sites on the Internet go dark!

But by now you know the drill: before we can review them, first we gotta read them. So for right now: see you tomorrow, suckers!