The first thing I noted while reading Brian K. Vaughan’s and Fiona Staples’s Saga #1 was that, with every page – and sometimes every panel – this team was raising the required budget of any possible film adaptation by several million dollars. And movie studios simply don’t spend that much on an NC-17 flick.

The second thing I noticed was that this comic book is an imaginative, large-scale space opera that simultaneously hits all the expected and classic tropes of the genre, while chucking in enough weird and mad ideas to make Grant Morrison mutter, “Shit; nice one,” and tying the whole thing together with an out-front, genuine sense of humor about itself that you won’t find outside of a Star Wars parody. This is a very, very good comic book.

Bleeding Cool reports that footage from the Total Recall remake, probably intended to be shown at Wondercon sometime this weekend, has found its way into the wilds of the internet. The remake will star Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Bill Nighy, Ethan Hawke and John Cho.

I have no grand illusion that the original film from 1990, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, was high art, but it does hold a sentimental place in my heart as “that movie we snuck into that one time because we were drunk and in college and in Maine”. I was even less interested when interviews with Colin Farrell surfaced in which he said that the new movie wasn’t going to be “as dark as the original.” Movie? Short story? Use your words, Colin! However, watching Farrell in this teaser does get me the teensiest bit more interested than I was before I found the clip. So, marketing people involved with “leaking” this teaser: Bravo! I might not just wait for it to go to cable now.

Watch the teaser after the jump. Unless it gets yanked by the marketing suits. Again.