Brain Bleach: Twilight Of The Horror Villain Edition

Oh, I just love that Matlock!

Good news, everyone! We no longer have any reason to be afraid. All those iconic, creepy bad guys from the movies of our childhood that kept us awake at night? Horror Vacui is a photography project in which make-up effects artist Carolina Trotta and photographer Federico Chiesa have reimagined the likes of Freddy, Jason, and Darth Vader in their twilight years. Just look at old fart Darth over there – the Force? Not so strong with him now that he’s on a diet of strained peas and Lipitor.

I suppose we might still have to worry about him being able to choke us out from across the room with his mind. But, that assumes he has enough of his faculties left to remember who he is. I’m guessing he’s at that adorable age where he gets lost from his house and turns up in a grocery store the next town over, wearing his robe and slippers and looking for his childhood friend, Kevin, because somehow his brain has him believing it’s 1934 and he’s seven years old. It’s ok though; we can fix this with pudding and cholinesterase inhibitors. And whiskey.

I will not "come play with you". In fact, I'm getting the hell off your lawn.

Although, that isn’t to say that once the creepy characters get old, they can’t get even more creepy in a variety of other ways. These twins are going to haunt my nightmares for the foreseeable future. I thought I gave up seeing inappropriately dressed old people when I stopped going to family reunions. I was wrong.

See more images of Big Bads in their declining years at Horror Vacui. See more old people dressed inappropriately at my step sister’s cousin’s wedding at the Fish And Game this July. But, you’ve been warned.

Via The Laughing Squid