Bafflingly Fearless: Another One-Word Marvel Now Teaser

Hey, everyone! Marvel knows some more mysterious single words! And so do I: “Overload!”

Marvel is back to releasing one-word teaser images to hype upcoming books in the Marvel Now initiative to release a ton of new first issues over the next several months (but it’s not a reboot! Marvel doesn’t reboot! A reboot is something that happens all at once! Whereas Marvel will boot you repeatedly over the course of weeks!), and this one is just as baffling as some of the other, more recent ones…

What. The. Hell.

At face value, “Fearless” would seem to imply that this is a Daredevil book, but we haven’t seen any kind of indication that Mark Waid has any short-term intention of leaving Daredevil. I suppose it’s possible that this could be a second Daredevil book – God knows that Marvel has a history of throwing out as many books starring a popular character that any two markets could bear – but it would be one hell of a decision to potentially dilute the audience for a book that pulled in Eisner Awards under its current writer… but then again, Marvel decided to slap The Punisher into a team book despite having an A-List writer on his main book who might be alienated by the decision, so who the hell knows?

However, Newsarama points out that Cullen Bunn was a writer on last year’s Fear Itself followup, The Fearless, which dragged that disappointing event out for another twelve issues and featured Valkyrie on the hunt for the Hammers of The Worthy. Frankly, that series didn’t engage me at all, to the point where the most memorable thing about it was that Amanda reviewed one issue (verdict: nice art, whiny villain, dragged out far too long) and in the process produced this bit of awesomeness:

So I guess it’s possible that “Fearless” might be a Valkyrie-based book, but it’s too early to tell. Bunn and artist Will Sliney will be revealing just what the hell they’re talking about on Newsarama next week.

(via Newsarama)