God Help Us, Twin Peaks Might Come Back After All

twin_peaks_dwarfLate last week, there was a rumor going around the Internet that David Lynch had had a meeting with NBC executives to relaunch Twin Peaks. The rumor was that Lynch was planning to set the new series twenty-something years after the original series final episode (which aired on June 10, 1991), with Bob still trapped in Dale Cooper’s body, with as many actors and actresses from the original series that he possibly could… and despite the fact that I am about the biggest Twin Peaks fan you’ve ever met, up to and including being one of the only two people I know who paid to see Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me in the theater (the other being the poor girl who had never seen Twin Peaks that I dragged to the flick), I didn’t mention it here because the story was obviously bullshit. Because it looks like the original rumor came from a 4Chan posting, and therefore without attached pictures of Lynch and his proposal, it must be considered suspect since it does not involve cats.

And that was a good choice, since it turns out that original rumor was, in fact, bullshit. Twin Peaks Co-Producer Mark Frost debunked the whole story on Twitter:

So that’s it. Game over. Nothing to see here. Right?

Well, kinda.

It seems that Jennifer Salke, President of NBC Entertainment, was at something called the Television Critics Association Tour (No, I don’t know what it is. We generally deal in comic books here), and confirmed that no, there are no plans to resurrect Twin Peaks, and no, no one has met with David Lynch or Mark Frost to discuss it…

But. She also said this:

“I called everybody when I got the email [about the rumor],” she said. “None of us had gotten a call about that, not from an agent, not from the writer, not the head of drama… so we’re wondering the same thing you are.”

…” When it came up we all looked at each other and said, ‘That’s a good idea.’ We were all kind of like, ‘Hmm, we like Twin Peaks!’ So, I’ll send some emails today, and see what I can get to come in.”

As a Twin Peaks fan, this, this, is… probably extraordinarily bad fucking news. Because I can’t imagine that Lynch and Frost would want to come back to the property unless they had a really good idea, and good ideas rarely come from a fat check from a desperate, last-place network – if they did, someone other than Whitney Cummings would have watched Whitney. And my big fear is that NBC somehow still has the rights to create new episodes of Twin Peaks without any input from its creators, and let’s face reality: a lot of regulars from the show aren’t exactly setting the world on fire these days (but don’t worry, Sherilyn Fenn! Crisis On Infinite Midlives contributor Lance Manion will still do you!), so I can all-too-easily see some unknown dipshit “putting the band back together” on some halfwit reboot that just makes the name Twin Peaks look bad.

And I mean, “James Hurley On A Roadtrip From The Back Half of Season Two” bad.

(via IGN)