Scatter What Now?: Warren Ellis Announces New Comic Project

warren_ellis_headshotWarren Ellis is a legend in the world of comic books who hasn’t written a comic book in Goddamned forever. Sure, he did a short run on Marvel’s Secret Avengers toward the end of 2011, but while he released a novel and started a weekly column for Vice in 2012, he’s been pretty much absent from comics for well over a year at this point. And hey, those things were entertaining, but he did these things while there’s a fandom out there waiting for the conclusion of Fell and hoping for another dose of Desolation Jones.

Well, there’s some good news – no, not new Fell or Desolation Jones; we live in a human world, filled not with miracles, but with mundane and crippling disappointment – Ellis has announced a new comics project.

Of some kind.

Ellis has announced Scatterlands, a new project with art by Super Dinosaur and The Astounding Wolf-Man artist Jason Howard…


…although what kind of project it is, who the hell knows? Ellis doesn’t list a publisher for the project, or a story synopsis, or any other details about the thing… although based on some recent tweets Ellis has made, it seems like it might be a Web comic, along the lines of his Freakangels free Web comic from 2009 through 2011.

One way or the other, it’s damn exciting news to have Ellis back in comics in some way, shape or form… and with that said, maybe he can spare some time to finally finish Fell the fuck up.