He’s Seen Christmases You People Wouldn’t Believe – Blade Runner Holiday Special

Good morning! Happy Christmas, for those of you that subscribe. For the rest of you, I hope you are at least getting the day off to get up to whatever debauchery you get up to on the days you typically take off. Me? I’m at my mother’s. My day has/will consist of an hour and half train ride, quiche, the opening of presents, the installation of a new TV, roast beast, and another hour and a half train ride back to the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Home Office. Then I will start drinking. I hope your day will be at least as exciting as mine.

One thing we will also have today, that I am sharing with you all, is this spoof by the Nerdist Channel of a Blade Runner Holiday Special, in the spirit of the Star Wars Christmas Special. Go grab yourself a cup of whatever libation you use to start your day (I suggest whiskey, because I always suggest whiskey), pull up a chair and enjoy!