Technology is Hard

So, funny story: we fully intended to do this week’s episode on the new Scarlett Johansson live-action remake of Ghost in The Shell. We took early notes on this week’s comics to make sure we had time to absorb other Ghost in The Shell material. We got a copy of the original 1995 anime. We borrowed a copy of the manga to at least look at. We watched and read these items, all by Saturday, giving us plenty of time to catch the remake on the 2:10 p.m.Sunday matinee, tape Sunday night, and post the episode on Monday. Flawless plan, right?

Sure it is. Assuming the fancy movie scheduling app on your phone is pointed to the theater you’re actually going to. Which mine wasn’t. Meaning we were only 55 minutes late.

We then planned to catch the 7:10 p.m. Monday showing, throw some notes together, and tape the show tonight, but the people who give me money with which I use to live had other plans.

So, here we are. But here’s the good news: we have tickets in hand for tomorrow night after we pick up this week’s comics. So we will have an episode on Ghost in The Shell next week. And the good news is that it also will give you time to go see it! Because apparently, none of you did!