My Log Saw Something

Yes, I’m afraid we’re dark again this week. Between Mother’s Day on Sunday, work issues at both our day jobs Monday and another long and crippling 12-hour day today, we just didn’t have time to sit down and tape this week. But here’s some of the stuff we were gonna talk about this week:

  • In the interest of proving that we don’t have anything against Nick Spencer (no matter how painful Secret Empire has been to read), last week’s The Fix #9 was genuinely excellent, with the funniest aftermath of an attempted murder since The Three Stooges. Yes, all those things Moe did were felonies. The only behavior one corrects with a bowling ball to the head is a regular heartbeat.
  • In the interest of demonstrating that we don’t really have anything against Marvel Comics in general, Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel #1 was also well worth reading. Then again, it was a Keiron Gillen Star Wars comic starting Dr. Aphra, and showing her first meeting with Luke Skywalker. The only way you can screw that up is if you somehow shoehorn in the word “goatse.” And that “shoehorn” usage was totally intended.
  • Bryan Fuller’s adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is spectacular. We’ll leave it at this, since we may come back to the topic in a future episode.

So yes: sorry for no show this week. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to prepare for an upcoming comics trivia contest between representatives of a bunch of Boston’s best comic stores (which I’m sure we’ll be talking about in our next episode). Plus, the third season of Twin Peaks debuts on Sunday, which means Rob needs to go through about 27 more episodes of the first two seasons in a savage burn before then.