Con Crud

There is a phenomenon called Con Crud, which is when tens of thousands of geeks are crammed into a relatively small space for four days, every disease known to mankind that can be passed between them, will be passed between them.

Long story short: Amanda and I picked up a dose of Con Crud at San Diego Comic-Con. And we’ve been getting over it for the past several days. Combine that with the crippling day job work load that comes from taking a week and a half off to rub elbows with The Wicked and The Diseased, and we just haven’t been able to sit down and tape a new episode.

But! We believe we have secured Los Angeles comedian and longtime friend Gariana Abeyta as a guest for this week’s show. She was at SDCC with us, and we’re planning to talk about SDCC, how it went, what could have been better, and when to fake a huge and weighty life choice.

So sorry we’ve been dark, and thank you for your patience. We’ll be back with a new episode Monday.