Next Is Lonely Street, Because I Am A Drunken Goon: Worcester, MA To Rename Street To Lois Lane

Proving once again that, around the Christmas / New Year’s holidays, every day is a slow comics news day, it has come to our attention that our hometown of Boston’s sister city, Worcester – New England’s undisputed capital of affordable heroin since 1974! – is undergoing a little urban renewal. Specifically, surrounding the name of one of the downtown streets. A street near the That’s Enterntainment comic store on Park Avenue. A small, private street currently known as Marmon Place. Next to a comic book store.

Yeah, you probably guessed it: Worcester is renaming Marmon Place to Lois Lane.

Apparently back in March, 2011, That’s Entertainment owner Paul Howley and Manager Ken Carson petitioned the Worcester City Council to change the street name, and this past August – 17 short months, representing a new speed record for legislation by a Massachusetts municipal governing body, not counting ones that involve tasers for the cops, or perhaps pay raises for Massachusetts municipal governing bodies – the board voted unanimously to make the change. But before our more fiscally conservative readers get their panties in a bunch, no tax dollars will be going toward the new sign; That’s Entertainment will be footing the bill, leaving our tax dollars available for tasers and pay raises, the way the gods of Massachusetts government intended.

“The new name is a perfect match for That’s Entertainment, because we’re in the comic book and pop culture business,” Mr. Howley said, “and just about everyone says it’s a super idea.”

So yeah, as of Sunday, you’ll be able to find That’s Entertainment at the corner of Park Avenue and Lois Lane, and it’ll happen with a public ceremony from 3 to 6 p.m., including original sketches of Lois Lane by Paul Ryan, the artist of the Phantom comic strip.

So if you find yourself in Worcester this Sunday, we’re sorry for your misfortune, but while your there, grab us a sketch and a gram, okay? We’re good for it.

(via The Worcester Telegram & Gazette)