Dropping The Hammer (At Least I Hope It’s The Hammer): Walt Simonson on Indestructible Hulk

logo_marvelAmanda reported earlier about Marvel’s new one-word teaser – part of what’s looking to be a new round for already-introduced comics from the Marvel Now relaunch (but not a reboot! Because Marvel doesn’t reboot! And Spider-Man has always had feet that looked like Mickey Mouse was crippled by polio!) – hinting that the Doc Ock version of Spider-Man is possibly going to lose his Avengers ID card and all associated rights, privileges, upgrade miles and punches toward a free six-inch sub.

That, however, wasn’t the only teaser up Marvel’s sleeve today. To wit: legendary The Mighty Thor artist Walt Simonson will be taking over art duties, at least temporarily, from Leinil Yu on Indestructible Hulk. And Marvel being Marvel, they had a teaser to go with the news…


So let’s start with the first thing that any comic book fan who was around in the 80s will notice about that drawing: that’s Thor’s hammer. Which means that, during Simonson’s run, we are likely to see him back on the character for whom he is arguably best known. That, for the comic fan, is good fucking news; as good as it was this time last year when word trickled out that Simonson was gonna be doing some work on Avengers during last summer’s Avengers Vs. X-Men event.

And it is arguably important that Simonson put such a focus on Thor’s hammer in this image… because with that pose, and that angle, it looks like the “indestructible” Hulk’s one weakness is perhaps a low fiber, cheese-heavy diet. Or perhaps the opposite: too many green apples. Either way, I sincerely pray that that Kirby Krackle is coming from the hammer.

Simonson’s work on the Mark Waid-written Indestructible Hulk starts in April – should be issue 6 or so, based on Marvel’s solicitations up until March.

(via IGN)