A Resounding Who?: Dan Trachtenberg To Direct Y: The Last Man

y_the_last_man_volume_1_coverBrian K. Vaughn’s and Pia Guerra’s Vertigo comic Y: The Last Man has been in development by New Line Studios for more than five years, not that the phrase “in development” really has any meaning. After all, Preacher has been popping on and off Hollywood’s radar for years, in development as both a movie and a TV show, with heavy hitters like Skyfall director Sam Mendes and John Cusack rumored to be attached at one point or another (until Mendes grabbed James Bond and Cusack apparently started believing that “Preacher” was some form of synthetic mescaline), and somewhere in a trunk I have a bad xerox of a draft of Blue Beetle writer John Rogers’s Mage: The Hero Discovered screenplay that’s dated something like 2001, and at this point, I think we’re more likely to see Mage: The Hero Denied before that flick gets made.

So what with the years of dithering –  and my personal belief that the minute someone actually shouts “Action” on a Y: The Last Man flick, science fiction writer Frank Herbert’s estate will swoop down with a crippling lawsuit, as we have established that those guys will do any awful Goddamned thing for money – it didn’t seem like a Y movie would ever get made.

And it still might not. But it’s at least a step closer. Because Deadline is reporting that Dan Trachtenberg is now attached to direct the thing.

And if you’re a Y: The Last Man fan like me, who owns every issue of the series and is praying this movie gets made and is a hit so he can sell those issues and maybe afford health insurance someday, you probably heard this news, sat up straight, and said: “Who?”

Well, Trachtenberg is one of us: an online broadcaster who did a couple of genre-related shows,The Totally Rad Show and Geekdrome that included talk about comics. He has apparently also directed a few commercials.

Still not ringing any bells? Still not seeing in any way how an Internet geek journalist might be qualified to direct a major motion picture about a well-respected comic property? Fine. He’s also the guy who directed Portal: No Escape, the fan film set in the Portal video game universe that came out a couple years ago. You’ve seen it. It has, like eleven million hits. It has to be ringing a bell.

*Sigh*… fine. Here it is:

Say what you want about the guy being a virtual unknown, but that was fucking cool right there. So now, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to settle in for two things that seem inevitable: that the Y: The Last Man movie goes back into turnaround… and, since the movie studios are apparently hiring Internet geek bloggers, that I get the inevitable call to direct Mage: The Hero Discovered (“The next person who says, ‘Robin Williams’ when I ask about casting Mirth gets a knife to the eye. Yes, my entire storyboard is comprised of the phrases, ‘Insert digital awesome’ and ‘The director plays Kevin Matchstick.’ Now make this happen. I’ll be in my trailer. What? Then get me a trailer! And some bourbon.”).

(via iFanboy)