New Iron Man 3 Trailer – An Empty Life Or A Meaningful Death?

Iron Man 3 posterThe newest trailer for Iron Man 3 hit the internet today to hype the UK’s April 25th debut in theaters, while we sad Yanks must wait for our May opening. However, if you’re anything like me, repeated viewings may help stem the long tide between now and then. Or not.

Tony has everything to lose in this new movie: his home, his woman, and, possibly, his life. This trailer gives us some solid glimpses into Ben Kingsley’s villain, the Mandarin, who will attack from the shadows and spur Tony to a very personal revenge:


Does that robe say “Deepened through blood”? Christ. Remember when Kingsley used to be Ghandi? No? Me either at this point.

Take a look at the trailer, after the jump.

Holy cow! When Tony asks for back up, he’s pretty damn serious about it…unless the Mandarin somehow sent those. Uh-oh.

All The Iron Men

Not sure if we’re going to see Pepper among that lot as her comic book alter ego, Rescue, but I wouldn’t want to be spoiled of everything in the trailer. Mostly.

Iron Man 3 drop in US theaters on May 3, 2013.