Cards Against Humanity-Wamanity: Doctor Who Cards Against Humanity

doctor_who_50th_anniversaryWe are still animal sick here at the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Home Office. We are on so many antihistamines, if our doctor were to centrifuge our blood, he would fondly touch his lab equipment and then die while Badfinger’s Baby Blue played in the background. I personally verbally communicate via sneezing now, and once I can figure out how to tag the obvious “you” at the end of my currently-mastered explosively sneezed, “Fuck!”, I can let the rest of my language mastery go the way of the Pog.

So we have whiled away the past 24 or so hours by playing rousing games of the bafflingly entertaining party game Cards Against Humanity, which is like a game of Trivial Pursuit as played by the attendees of The Cereal Convention in volume two of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. It is one of our favorite games, although when it comes to the geek front, it is a little anemic.

Or at least, it used to be. Since Cards Against Humanity is published under a Creative Commons license, anyone can, under the right circumstances, create their own cards for the game. And Crisis On Infinite Midlives contributor Lance Manion has pointed out to us that an improv comedy outfit called Conventional Improv has come up with a card set based on Doctor Who. And some of those cards are pretty solid and funny.

Not, you know, “Bigger, blacker cocks” funny, but very, very decent. And you can check a few of them out after the jump.



If you wanna get the raw files to print these cards out so that your next family gathering can include the novelty of your Grandma having to confront the concept of Captain Jack buggery, you can grab them here.

(via IO9)