Okay: we are not dead. We also will likely not have a show for a week or so. Let us explain.

After we came back from San Diego Comic-Con, Rob had a long-standing visit with his parents scheduled. Which is fine, except Rob forgot that his parents weren’t rocking the common decency to leave under cover of darkness on a Saturday night, leaving enough time for us to record a weekend podcast. Rob assumed leaving at off hours was normal, but then again, Rob has not given his Christian name to a hotel since 1994 for a reason. But we digress.

So Rob’s parents left Monday morning. Monday night, Rob and Amanda went into the Home Office Basement Recording Studio to tape a show. Which is normal, if late… except the puddle we walked into was not.

Long story short: our hot water heater blew out at some point between Sunday and Monday night, dumping dozens of gallons of (formerly) hot water onto the recording studio floor.

Luckily, none of the water reached the recording studio area, so our equipment is intact. Unluckily, dozens of gallons of water never goes anywhere you want to (protip: you don’t want that water to go ANYWHERE except the hot water tank).

So our recording studio is working. It is, however, currently filled with no less than nine industrial fans and two Big Iron dehumidifiers of the type that would make Kevin Costner’s Waterworld obsolete in a month. We have a humidity detector in the studio, and it says that it is currently Arrakis in there. Problem is, it needs to be Arrakis for another several days before anyone can be certain that it won’t change from Dune into Tremors in there.

Therefore, we will likely be dark through this week. If things go well and we don’t have to have the recording studio walls sawed apart, put back together and painted, we should be back next week.

We’re sorry for the delay, but we are, after all, regular people with sub-regular water heating equipment. We’ll be back as soon as we can.