What Year Is This?

Good news, everyone! Serv-Pro is out of the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Home Office recording studio, and after significant dehumidifying, it turns out the structural damage wound up being minimal, and we have had it alleviated. We are still waiting for replacement storage solutions for the stuff we moved out of the leakage from the water heater, so until that arrives, the studio looks like your back yard shed took a dump in it, but that can wait until a later date.

It turns out we did lose a couple of minor pieces of actual recording studio equipment in the flood, but those have been replaced, tested, and seem to be okay. All in all, we got off very lucky, all things considered.

So the good news is, we will be recording and releasing a live-to-tape episode tomorrow about last week’s conclusions of Twin Peaks: The Return, and of Secret Empire.

We sincerely apologize for being dark as long as we have. Thanks for sticking with us through a mildly trying time!