Amalgam Comics Redux

Considering the most effective and forward-thinking form of comic book marketing has historically involved white wire, ball bearings and the garish phrase, “Hey Kids! COMICS!”, DC Comics has been going all out hyping their New 52 books. They’ve put commercials for the books on TV (Including reportedly during The Daily Show to catch that wily college potsmoking demographic), trailers in movie theaters, and print ads in straight magazines (I can’t address any idle rumors about ads in gay magazines).

And they haven’t stopped there. Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool reported this morning that DC’s bought themselves a bunch of sponsored search terms on Twitter.

Those search terms being the names of Marvel Comics characters.

It’s bad enough that DC got Spider-Man, but they also got Avengers… showing up above Marvel’s own tweet about the just-announced today Avengers: X-Sanction event:

That’s savvy marketing… but a little narrow, dontcha think? What, Didio; you couldn’t spell Bieber?

…And actually, I just followed up on a thought and discovered that even when it comes to trying to associate your brand with Marvel characters, even DC has it’s limits: