Well, it’s over now. DC’s New 52 first issues have been replaced by all second issues… except for the new first issue.

Yep, that’s a new DC first issue of Huntress, which I’m sure was released due to popular demand for the character and because the story and art are exemplary, any not because it occurred to Dan DiDio that it might be nice if Robin also had someone to grudge fuck on a rooftop.

Also in this week’s take are the latest issue of Garth Ennis’s The Boys and Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker. We also got the new Walking Dead and Invincible from Robert Kirkman, along with Skullkickers, Brian Michael Bendis’s Moon Knight, and a stack of the New 52 week one books we liked enough to keep covering through issue two.

And not only that, my local comic store owner, who knows me by name and asks me if he has to call me by my rap name (Spunkmaster Rhino P-P), threw in a bunch of free DC Comics promotional bags and boards, brightly printed with a reproduction of last month’s Justice League #1! Meaning that at least five of this week’s books will, over the course of years, leach that image onto their back covers thus rendering them utterly and completely worthless, which is a hell of a way to treat Action Comics #1… even when it’s the one by Grant Morrison, which you could only retire under if you had 75 of them to make a blanket for your park bench.

So as always on Wednesday, Amanda and I need time to read these books so we can review them for you throughout the week. So thus endeth our broadcast day.

See you tomorrow, suckers!

Cover to DC Comics The Savage Hawkman #1, written by Tony Daniel and art by Philip TanEditor’s Note: This review contains spoilers. But what do you care? It’s not like you were gonna read Hawkman anyway.

And, as usual, one last Wednesday morning review before the comic stores open…

For good or ill, we’ll end our coverage of DC’s New 52, which officially ends today with a new batch of #2 issues, with The Savage Hawkman #1. The Savage Hawkman is the story of Carter Hall, who has a harness made of Nth metal that allows him to… um… fly and stuff… and he… has… yeah, sorry. The problem is I don’t care about Hawkman. The problem is that nobody cares about Hawkman. The only person who cared about Hawkman was Hawkgirl, and nobody gave enough of a fuck about Hawkgirl to leave her alive.

The upside of that general apathy is that it allows writer Tony Daniel to try almost anything he wants to make Hawkman interesting for a new generation. The downside is that what he tries feels like throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. Almost literally.

Daniel opens this new chapter in Hawkman’s rebooted life by showing how exciting it is to be Hawkman… by having him be a depressed alcoholic who hates being Hawkman so much he tries to kill his costume with a flare gun.

Let’s take a moment and examine that, shall we? As a New 52 book, this is meant to make new readers excited about characters they aren’t familiar with. And Daniel has decided to introduce us to this new Hawkman by telling us that:

  1. Even Hawkman thinks that being Hawkman sucks, and:
  2. Hawkman’s power set is so weak that even Hawkman himself thinks he can be defeated by a roman candle.