But How Do You Really Feel?

It’s not all bad news at the New York Comic Con. Some of it is absolutely wretched news. And sometimes there is the odd apocalyptically terrible, awful, no-good news.

And then there is the occasional brain-dead, redneck, dumbfuck, “Hey guys! Lookit THIS!” news that would normally involve mescaline, a healthy infant and a 110-volt blender in a 220-volt socket news:

Announced [yesterday] at New York Comic Con, Image Comics announced [sic] that Rob Liefeld is returning Extreme Studios to active status!

Son of a…

Okay… so this is a… thing that’s happening… tell us about it, Robbie-Boy!

On “Prophet,” you’ve got Brandon Graham writing and Simon Roy on art. What stood out for you in their pitch?

…There are some massive spoilers and twists that I can’t reveal, but [Graham and Roy] have attacked this series and it’s easily my favorite of the bunch!

Okay, what lesser books do you have coming out?

“Glory” is going to wow people. “Glory” is easily my favorite of this new launch!

Awesome! So long as you have a clearly delineated hierarchy of books that… wait, what?

I cannot emphasize enough what a big deal it is to get Erik [Larsen] to do “Supreme.”… This book is easily my favorite of the new launch!


So… you also have Bloodstrike coming back out. What are your thoughts?

Tim Seeley put his Grant Morrison hat on and has some great big ideas. I’m drawing an issue of the title, I’m so excited by it. Again, easily my favorite of the new Extreme line.


Okay. You’ve got to be launching Youngblood again, right? But I’m guessing it’s not.. very… good?

It’s going to be huge. “Youngblood” launched the Image revolution in April 1992, we were out in front by months before “Spawn” and the rest arrived. We are going to celebrate Youngblood big time! This book is far and away my favorite of the launch so far!

Cool Story, Rob!