Quick Hits: Princess Koriand’r Has Her Priorities Straight

Yep. Kori knows what she wants and it ain’t under the Red Hood:

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In other news, Red Hood And The Outlaws continues to suck so hard that there are wide swaths of trailer hitches without chrome peppering most of the eastern seaboard.

Newsarama recently interviewed writer Scott Lobdell about the ideas he’s trying to get across in Red Hood And The Outlaws regarding sex and gender inequality. Says Mr. Lobdell:

…as of right now, the action shares equal time with the emotional core of the characters in issue #3, issue #4 and #5 is more horror but still maintains a high level of action, and issue #6 is as close as this series will come to a “love story” as we learn how Jason and Kori first met.

So…in a bus station restroom, then? Desperate, sad ships with history with various Bat Family members, looking for a grudge fuck?

It didn’t surprise me that there were some people who didn’t like it.

Which is why you canceled your Twitter account? Not that argument with Ron Marz, right?

Mostly, what has surprised me has been the very vulgar way that people believe they are coming to the defense of Kori: they hurl words like “slut” and “whore” and expressions too disgusting to repeat here that are only used to demean women.

Lets consider an imaginary woman who has more than one or two lovers. Is it fair to label her with dismissive and derogatory language? Because we disagree with the choices she makes, to do what she wants with her own body? Are we still at a place in society where we’re going to call a woman — any woman — names that reinforce gender inequality?

Now, now. People weren’t “coming to her defense” by calling her a “slut” or a “whore”. They were describing her actions as, you know, written by the writer. She came off slutty. Maybe not Snooki level slutty – all orange and ready to bang the whole bar. But, I know you meant for it to come off as her being empowered, and all it did was make me want to yell to her not to suck any dick on her way across the parking lot.

And all the people who have not liked the series for any number of reasons, I’d say I am sorry that it is not your cup of tea — but thank you for picking up the first issue, giving it an open and fair-minded shot, and taking the time to enter an ongoing dialogue.

No, thank you Mr. Lobdell. Now, bring back your Twitter account. Most of the Internet has attention spans as short as you’ve written Kori’s. Bygones and all that. I bet they already forgot you…what was I talking about now?