Dave Dorman Gets Upset Because Of Boobies. It Must Be Opposite Day On The Internet.

1/10/12 Update – Dave Dorman has taken down the post and comments linked to in this article. For now, you can see the cached page with the quote and comments in question here.

Dave Dorman, an artist known for his work on Star Wars and Heavy Metal, took to his blog today to decry the artwork of Fiona Staples published in USA Today to promote her upcoming comic book Saga, which will be written by Brian K. Vaughan. Saga will follow the story of two soldiers from opposite sides of an intergalactic war who fall in love, start a family, and then get pursued by bounty hunters (among other threats).

Here’s the artwork in question:

His beef? After the jump.

It seems that in today’s desperate-for-sales comic book market, nothing is sacred. In the midst of world-saving adventures, today’s modern heroine breast feeds her child with zero modesty. Talk about work-life balance! It hearkens back to those Enjoli fragrance TV ads of the ’70s — I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never, never let you forget you’re a man…” I’m just so impressed with this I-can-have-it-all super heroine. I had to wonder, did La Leche League (or as my wife took to calling them after she delivered our son, ”The Breast Milk Mafia”) pay big-time sponsorship money for this cover? What a wholesome, family-friendly image!

Dorman then spent a great deal of time in his comments section doing damage control, including back pedaling on his position:

If I misunderstood that this comic is targeted at kids, it is my error and I apologize to all I’ve offended with that.

Even still, so what? Kids see their moms breastfeeding all the time. Hell, as one of his other commentors pointed out, breastfeeding has even been on Sesame Street. It’s true!

Fiona Staples was contacted by Comics Alliance for her reaction to Dorman and was pretty classy in her response:

“I find it a little hard to fathom why anyone would object to a depiction of breastfeeding, even if it were on a kids’ comic, which it isn’t. I have yet to hear a line of reasoning that makes sense to me. That said, anyone who wants to be grossed out by our comic is of course free to do so. I’m just going to fixate on the part where a master painter called me a ‘gifted artist.'”

I like her. She seems like a “glass half full” kind of woman. Meanwhile, I think Dave Dorman should stick to what he knows about boobs:

This woman is not breastfeeding. You know how I can tell?

Saga drops in stores in March, 2012.