Ride The Lightning And Try To Survive: More Marvel Now Teasers

With the Baltimore Comic-Con coming up this weekend (which we will not be attending, as even a one-in-a-million chance of being shotgunned by Omar Little is too damn much), apparently Marvel’s trying to amp up the excitement leading into it with another batch of Marvel Now one word teaser images, as they did just before San Diego Comic-Con.

Two of the teasers have been released so far this week. And what are Marvel’s words of the week? You know, other than “send” and “money,” “buy” and “Hawkeye,” or “retrieve” and “Brubaker?”

Find out after the jump!

Okay: “Lightning” with writer Daniel Way and artist Steve Dillon re-teaming (they worked together on Wolverine: Origins a while back) seems to me to be a Thunderbolts relaunch – the old Thunderbolts tagline “Justice, Like Lightning…” seems to be pretty on-the-nose for this one… unless, having read Preacher, Marvel’s describing the kind of liquor Dillon favors.

When it comes to that crosshairs on the “Lightning” teaser, my gut tells me that The Punisher is a gimme to be on the team (and / or, as Amanda just pointed out, Deadpool, who Way has been writing for quite a while) … but Comics Beat points out that the logo comes from Jeph Loeb Avengers Vs. X-Men prequel and horrible storytelling abomination Avengers: X-Sanction, meaning that we might be seeing Cable take another run at the Avengers.

Now when it comes to that “Survive” teaser, things are a little more ambiguous. The “Hopeless” and “Walker” don’t, as I originally thought, snidely refer to how I get home from the bar, but to writer Dennis Hopeless (previously seen on Gearhead by Arcana Studios and Marvel’s own Legion of Monsters) and Kev Walker, who did a couple of Marvel Zombies miniseries. So the combined Marvel Monsters experience, along with the bloodstain on “Survive,” scream a new Marvel Zombies story to me. Then again, considering both Hopeless and Walker are relative newbies at Marvel, the “Survive” could refer to what they have to do waiting in line for Marvel’s one bathroom.

Regardless, the books teased by these images will likely be announced in Baltimore this weekend, and will be in comic stores in December.