Well, Andrea’s dead.

Oh, not literally; at the end of The Walking Dead #94, she’s still walking around, hovering around Rick now that they’ve hooked up, vowing that she won’t leave his side and leaving him filled with apprehension for her safety and us filled a feeling that Andrea must have a hair trigger to be this involved with a man with no dominantly coordinated hand. Either that, or that Colt pistol isn’t the only Python that Rick’s packing. But I’m digressing already.

The point is that early in this issue, Andrea says something that feels so much like the kind of line someone says in a horror movie right before they’re run through by Jason Voorhees that I immediately thought that she might was well be wearing an “Eat Me (Not You Rick)” t-shirt. It’s the kind of thing that any savvy horror movie fan would take to mean that it’s time to butch up on your bladder control, because someone’s about to get butchered. In other hands, it would be an amateur’s move… but in writer Robert Kirkman’s, it feels like it serves an important purpose. That purpose being that these characters feel indestructible. And, considering they are still living in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, they should probably stop doing that.

This morning, over on Cartoon Network, publisher DC is launching its DC Nation cartoon programming block, starting at 10:00 A.M. EST. According to USA Today, this programming will consist of

…superhero shows Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, behind-the-scenes looks at its DC comics and Warner Bros. screen projects, and a series of shorts starring Plastic Man, Doom Patrol, Teen Titans and Aardman Animation’s take on various heroes and villains.

We’ve talked about this launch back in November, with the full trailer here. As a die hard fan of The Wrong Trousers, I was the most excited about the Aardman Animation stuff. An extended look at the Aardman Animation take on the DCU has been released:

Having watched the Green Lantern cartoon debut last year, this programming block is definitely a reason to get excited about Saturday morning cartoons again. It also makes me wish I could get my hands to stop shaking long enough to draw something that doesn’t resemble a stick figure in the throes of molecular disintegration. If only there was a way to become a cartoon illustrator, without any actual talent beyond the ability to craft a really stellar dick joke…
Can technology provide me with the solution to my illustration woes? Find out after the jump!