I know that we said that we would see you tomorrow (suckers), and that it was the end of our broadcast day, but this is simply too new and too good to ignore.

Yes, we are still reading this week’s new comics and drinking beer. However,  in the meantime, please enjoy the first full, non-trailer clip of Avengers, starring Black Widow doing an awesome chair act, after the jump.

It is arrived. It is in you now. Marvel, for once thinking ahead about an upcoming movie about one of their properties, has conspired and planned and looked ahead enough to make sure that once the Avengers movie drops in a month, non-comic reading moviegoers who wander into a comic shop will see a book with the name of the movie on it and hopefully think, “Hey! That’s the movie I done just seen! Who’re they fightin’? Hey, I lurve me some Hugh Jackman! Lemme buy this funnybook!”

Which is great for the rubes and potentially good for comics in general, but for those of us in the trenches buying comics every Wednesday, it means that Marvel’s big summer event, Avengers Vs. X-Men is finally here, which means that this…

…means the end of our broadcast day.

But is is a nice looking week, ain’t it? We’ve got Avengers Vs. X-Men, Ed Brubaker’s Fatale, Ultimate Spider-Man, a new The Boys, Ann Nocenti’s second issue of Green Arrow, and a bunch of other cool stuff!

But before we can review it, we gotta read it. So, as often happens on Wednesday nights: see you tomorrow, suckers!

EDITOR’S NOTE: It is new comics day, which means that – wait! Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird! I normally get this excited, scream and bother passers-by when I see a bird! Oh, no; it’s one last comic review before the comic stores open, forget it.

Superman #7 is the first issue with the new creative team of co-writers Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens and art by Jesus Merino and, well, Dan Jurgens. These are a couple of old-school comics writers working on a brand new Superman, which arguably is what this book has been needing, and the classic flavor they bring to certain sequences of this book makes it somewhat endearing, but I’m guessing how you feel about it will likely depend on how much you’re digging  the new, cocky, armored Superman, and how you feel about a villain with a classic feel… that feel being that of a Republic Serial villain chewing scenery like Robin Williams teething in the midst of a heroic Ritalin bender.

This book starts off with an definitive statement of “Bang!” by the new team, dropping us in the middle of a battle between Superman and some robot right on the streets of Metropolis. It’s an action-packed sequence with a visually satisfying amount of collateral property damage, while Superman internally soliloquizes about how the battle seems like merely an attempt to call him out… which would be an interesting plot point if this weren’t Superman, who, thanks to super hearing, can be called out by whispering, “Hey Superman! I’m on the corner of Weisinger and Swan, on my way to fuck yer moms!”