The Internet Is Not Your Friend: Pages From Amazing Spider-Man #700 Leaked (Spoiler-Free)

So the comics reading world has been waiting on pins and needles to find out what happens in The Amazing Spider-Man #700, as it leads into The Superior Spider-Man: will Peter Parker be able to reclaim his body from Doctor Octopus? And if he can, will Ock have done something terrible to make it uncomfortable to be Peter Parker for a while, leading him to change up his costume? Or maybe will the fact that another soul has been in Peter’s body shake loose some after effects from Peter’s deal with Mephisto, reversing the effects of One More Day (a personal favorite theory)?

The anticipation is simply crippling; writer Dan Slott and Marvel Editorial have gone a long way to prevent spoilers of the issue reaching the street, so the idea of having to wait until December 26th for the issue to go on sale to see what happens at the end of the comic is just…

What’s that? The last few pages of the issue have leaked online? Along with a synopsis of the events of the last issue?

I’m not going to release any of the spoilers here, but here’s one of the pages (kinda).

So there’s a chance that this is a false flag operation by Marvel, releasing a fake ending to throw off possible spoilers, with the real ending to come as a complete surprise… except this is a photo of a printed comic book, not a digital file, which would seem to be a much more expensive and involved proposition than kicking artist Humberto Ramos a few bucks to do a page digitally and release the JPEGs. So if you’re asking my completely amateur and uninformed opinion, I’d say this is the real deal.

If you must know what happens (and I ain’t saying), you can get the images here, here and here (at least for now), as well as a screengrab of the original 4Chan posting of the images including a synopsis of the (alleged) events of the entire issue here.

But here’s one spoiler: when The Amazing Spider-Man #700 comes out, some fanboys are gonna be pissed… although since we are talking about a comic book, it could be about Spider-Man making pancakes and that statement would still apply.