SDCC 2013 Odds And Sods, Part One: DC’s Meet The Publishers Panel

lee_didio_meet_publishers_sdcc_2013616921976We are coming up on the final bits and pieces of coverage we took from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con – yes, I know the convention ended eight days ago, but it turns out we had a lot of video to sort through, and a significant percentage of that video needed extensive processing on an actual computer in order to make it into something that YouTube would recognize as a video file, as opposed to some form of data wad, or perhaps a Word file detailing our manifesto and list of demands.

But the computer has done its work and dinged like a toaster oven (as we all know computers do), so we are finally proud to present a series of videos from DC Comics’s Meet The Publishers panel, held on Sunday, July 21st and featuring Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio. And you can say what you want about, say, DiDio (God knows we do, repeatedly), but there is no denying that the guy runs an entertaining panel with an infectious enthusiasm, which even Lee gets caught up in.

This was a fun panel, and we’re happy to bring you, a day late and a buck short, a small piece of it, along with some art that was shown to crowd at the panel. You can check them out after the jump.

DiDio talks about the announcement for the upcoming Zack Snyder Batman Vs. Superman movie:

Lee discusses working with Scott Snyder on Superman Unchained:

DiDio on titles that will cross over with Snyder’s Batman: Zero Year:

A quick preview of some of DC’s Villains’ Month 3D motion / lenticular covers:

DiDio talks about the purpose behind Villains’ Month, Trinity War and Forever Evil:

Lee and DiDio talk about the upcoming Harley Quinn series by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti:

DiDio and Lee on DC heroes in multimedia, including the Scribblenauts game:

Lee discusses the Batman ’66 digital comic:

Lee talks about how he’s comfortable with comics’ place in pop culture (after years of being dismissed as kids’ stuff):

And finally: Lee and DiDio discuss their favorite parts of the New 52 reboot:

And here’s the art that was shown to the crowd during the panel: